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Name & features What Make
1.Monographic About Midi (Spanish)
Link to the doc (type zip).
Versión: Visitware
Size: 141 Kb
Require: Word 97
Monographic about the midi format.
The web page where find it is Monografias.com.
Monografias.com: lucas@2-cool.com or lucas@impsat1.com.ar
By ICQ: CyberLuke, and your number is 7277352
2.Win Groover Version 0.9E(e)
Link to the program.
Version: Shareware
Size: 1.06 Mb
Require: 486 or more
Sintetizer for listen the midi files with a quality incredible without a big soundcard
3.Win Groover Actualización 0.9E(e) para Win9x
Link to the program
Version: Shareware
Size: 300 Kb
Require: 486 or more
Update for the last program.
Link to the oficial web page
Version: Freeware
Size: between 0.7 and 2 Mb
Require: Pentium 75 MHz or more
Program for listen all song file's types.
BiblioMidi.net Official Skin.. please click here. (Copy to the skins folder into winamp install directory)
5.Yamaha XG 50
Link to the program.
Version: Shareware
Size: x Mb
Require: Pentium 75 MHz or more
Yamaha's Sintetizer, the best thing of world..
6.Yamaha XG Plugin para los navegadores
Link to the program.
Version: Freeware
Size: 823 Kb
Require: Pentium 75 MHz or more
Plugin for browsers, require Yamaha XG 50 Sintetizer.
7.Karaoke's Players
Link to the web page.
Version: ¿?
Size: ¿?
Require: ¿?
Player's Karaoke For see and liten the midi-kar files..

BiblioMidi - Spanish - This site... ;)
MidiFarm - English - The midi farm.. They've mids, utils, and anything for midi..
Midi Search Engine - English - The best midi search engine..
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